About us

We developed our own unique product – Pilblock® to help your corporate knitwear look good for longer.

Pilblock® out-performs other yarns by keeping pilling to an absolute minimum in hard-wearing environments - keeping the fabric in pristine condition for longer and giving you more value for your corporate workwear budget.


Better looking garments

Longer lasting smooth appearance

Superior value product


Irritating pilling

Shoddy, cheap appearance

Reduced garment life

Designed to meet the most demanding environments, outperforms other yarns keeping your workforce looking good for longer.

We strive to limit our impact on the environment, without compromising on quality. That’s why we have developed a range of environmentally sustainable knitwear using Recycled polyester and cotton blended yarns, reducing our carbon footprint.

Our embroidery service is the perfect personalized touch to your workwear and business attire.

Our skilled team can customize and develop your logo requirements. Tailored to you.